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Private Party Transfer


In August of 2015 the State of Oregon started to require a Federal background check for any transfer of a firearm from one private party to another. Regardless of if you sell the firearm or just want to loan it to a friend for a hunting trip or shooting range session. Exempt from this rule are transfers between close relatives within Oregon.

Exempt are:

  • Your spouse or domestic partner
  • Your parent or stepparent
  • Your child or stepchild
  • Your sibling
  • Your grandparent
  • Your grandchild
  • Your aunt or uncle
  • Your first cousin
  • Your niece or nephew
  • Or the spouse or domestic partner of a person listed above

Please read the detailed txt of the law here:

MKTactical LLC does offer Private Party Transfer services to our Customers.

The transfer fee is $50 plus $10 for the required Background check. Discounts for multiple gun transfers.

"As of August 9, 2015 a background check is required for all person to person gun sales. This background check must be conducted by a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL). Both the transferor and transferee must bring the firearm to the FFL, who is allowed to charge a reasonable fee, and have the background check conducted in order to complete the sale. The only exception to this would be if the transferor and transferee reside over 40 miles from each other, the transferor may ship or deliver the firearm to a FFL located near the transferee or a FFL designated by the transferee, and the transferor need not appear before the gun dealer in person."

Excellent service. Michael special ordered a pistol for me and I could not be happier with my purchase (my fourth from MK Tactical). The staff is very friendly and they will be getting more of my business in the future. Keep up the good work guys.
                    ~ Tim D.

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