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Now you might be wondering why I have a page dedicated to the TESLA CYBERTRUCK on the MKTactical website. I am glad you asked.

I believe that the Cybertruck , should it have all the features that Tesla promised in their introduction, will be the safest "normal" consumer vehicle on the planet looking at it from a tactical/self defense perspective.

Are you kidding me? 3mm thick Stainless Steel outer exoskeleton that is supposed to be bullet proof up to 9mm. Windows are going to be made out of Tesla Armor glass. YES I know what you are thinking - "but it broke in the demo". I know but what would that steel ball they threw at the window of the Cybertruck do to your trucks window? Almost certainly it would go straight through. And when the Cybertruck comes actually to market I could almost guaranty you that it is much better then what they had in the demo Cybertruck.

If you are interested check out the Introduction video here:
Cybertruck Unveil
Cybertruck at the Petersen Museum in LA
Excellent service. Michael special ordered a pistol for me and I could not be happier with my purchase (my fourth from MK Tactical). The staff is very friendly and they will be getting more of my business in the future. Keep up the good work guys.
                    ~ Tim D.

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