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Basic Carbine class

Basic Carbine is a class for the novice shooter who wants to learn the fundamentals of the carbine. This class will teach the shooter the proper techniques for handling, loading, zeroing, and shooting from various positions. Shooters will engage both paper and steel targets from distances ranging from 5 to 100 yards.

Gun, Gear, and Ammo Requirements:
Semi-automatic magazine fed carbine .22LR or larger (AR-15 platform preferred, but not mandatory)
(2) Magazines minimum (more is better)
Sling, 1 or 2 point
Optics, Iron Sights, Red Dot, Magnified all OK (Back Up Iron Sights BUIS are suggested for those using magnified or battery powered optics)
Eye and ear protection are required.
Clothing, athletic type footwear, brimmed hat (long sleeves and pants are suggested)
300 - 350 rounds of ammunition

If you have a secondary carbine we suggest you bring it, in case of non-repairable malfunction in the primary carbine.
Side-arms (pistols) are not required and will not be addressed in the basic carbine class
Magazine Carriers are permitted and encouraged

Price for the class is $130 per student.
Prepayment is required to secure your placement in the class.


Excellent service. Michael special ordered a pistol for me and I could not be happier with my purchase (my fourth from MK Tactical). The staff is very friendly and they will be getting more of my business in the future. Keep up the good work guys.
                    ~ Tim D.

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